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Suburbs of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Walking around the city, you seem to be in another place, at another time. This feeling arises from the atmosphere, architecture. Near St. Petersburg there are a lot of small beautiful cities.


Peterhof-This place is known to every tourist who came to St. Petersburg. However, not many people know that Peterhof is a city, not just a place of fountains, a palace. The city itself, in addition to cultural places, is very cozy.
If you have enough time, you should walk not only on the palace complex. A walk through the parks and Green streets will give you a real delight.


The historic town of Gatchina is in the southern direction of St. Petersburg. The history of the small town begins with Peter 1. Here he built a house for his sister.
The architecture of the Gatchina of the reign of Paul 1 bears the imprint of Romanticism. This is said by unique castles and fortresses. Gatchina is a territory with a historical architecture and a beautiful park.


Vyborg - this city can be considered European. It was founded by the Swedes, but only after three months of siege by Peter 1, the city surrendered and became a part of Russia. The main attraction of the city-Vyborg Castle, which has been for a long time not only a symbol of Vyborg, but also a cultural, trade center, the focus of the most important state events.
Walking through the streets of Vyborg, you will feel like a tourist in Europe. As it says everything: architecture, atmosphere, and inhabitants of the city.


The history of Zelenogorsk began with a small fishing village Terijoki, which is translated from Swedish means "Tar River". Now Zelenogorsk is a first-class resort town. Due to the pure sea air, which is mixed with the coniferous aroma of spruce forest, the quality and healthy rest is obtained!
Zelenogorsk can offer its guests a cultural program as well. The city has many attractions, the most significant of which-the beautiful church of the Kazan icon of the mother of God, Lutheran Church, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Zelenogorsk is the pearl of the Gulf of Finland and is always happy to meet guests.




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