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Moscow - the capital of the Russian Federation

Moscow is the heart and spirit of Russian immense territories, its touristic and business capital. Moscow is a city of churches, museums and theatres, the city of parks and fountains, the city with a centuries-old history and architecture...

Moscow has a bright and saturated life : various festivals, scientific conferences, business conciliums, creative meetings, global sports and cultural events happen there regularly. It's impossible to feel bored in this city, even if you are an unordinary and exacting tourist.

Historical reference

Yury Dolgorukii is thought to have been the founder of Moscow, he founded the first church ( now it's the Kremlin) and settlements on the joint of Moscow river and Neglinnaya river. It became the capital during Ivan Groznyy's reign (15th century), but when Peter the first ruled the country this status was given to St Petersburg. After the revolution in 1918 Moscow was turned into the capital again and remains it today.

The main sight of the city - the Kremlin, which is known all the world - has its own history. The church had been rebuilt three times since its foundation : in 14th, 15th and 18th century. The walls' facing is made from white stone, that' s why Moscow is called Belokamennaya.

Capital Attractions

To see the whole Moscow you need a month or even more. Every tourist understands the city in different ways, because touristic Moscow is multi faced. Those, who like cultural recreation will certainly like the Bolshoi theatre, the Historical museum, the mausoleum of Lenin, the theatre on Taganka street and Tretiakovskaya gallery.

If you want to visit saintly places of the capital, then welcome to Donskoy cloister, Archangelic cathedral, Novodevichy and Svyato-Danilovsky cloisters, and, of course, St Basil's cathedral on the Red Square.

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Walk across St. Petersburg Elbrus region in the summer
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Добрый день! Good afternoon! Dobriy den'!
Добрый вечер! Good evening! Dobriy vyecher!
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Basic Expressions
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Да. Yes. Da.
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