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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia

St. Petersburg, formerly Petrograd, Leningrad - a truly cultural capital of Russia, the noble city of aristocrats, with striking architectural monuments, hospitable people, and museums. The streets of the city are able to move into a fascinating historical journey, discover the secrets of the past, show a decent level of modernity.

The city has 300 years of history, experienced a historical turning points, gave birth to poets, artists, well-known intellectuals and politicians.

Today it is a huge multi-functional giant, has international links, the development of tourism, great opportunities and prospects for further development.

Among the most famous attractions there are:

The palaces complex. Unique Winter Palace, which was the residence of the Russian tsars, rich in artistic and historical museum of the Hermitage, which consists of five sets, standing along the glorious river Neva. Mysterious Mikhailovsky Castle - a masterpiece of architecture, legends said that it was the habitat of mystical creatures. Ancient Palace, the habitat of the princely family Yusupov, where you can visit numerous staterooms, watch performances, theatrical productions. Explore the Marble Palace, built in the classical style.

Museums. To visit the abode of the great Russian poet, which is located in the museum-apartment AS Pushkin on the Moika river, exploring the features of life at that time. One of the oldest buildings, Central Naval Museum, will amaze the variety of technical development of military industry - famous ships, aircraft. Plunge into the cultural heritage of the nation in the Anna Akhmatova Museum, which is located on the banks of the Fontanka, which saved valuable handwritten texts, book editions, with the original autographs. To familiarize with the culture, study the features of everyday life of the State Russian Museum, seeing the legendary works by famous painters.

Outstanding Monuments. Every tourist must visit such sculptures as The Bronze Horseman, dedicated to Peter the Great, Siskin, Fawn, pedestal Pushkin and other amazing exhibits, preserved after centuries, rises majestically above the ground;
Peter is rich in religious buildings: the Cathedral of the Resurrection, St. Isaac, laurels, there is a Buddhist temple built by all the canons of the Tibetan techniques. This is an interesting place worthy of a pilgrimage, created by famous architects.

The city is replete with gardens and a park: Summer, Mikhailovsky Garden, Field of Mars - striking landscape designs filled with beauty and luxury. They combine different styles, rich collections of sculptures. Attractive, favorite places to visit guests and St. Petersburg.

List of unique historic sites is much wider, more and more diverse. Getting to St. Petersburg, the inquisitive tourist to fully feel your breath, the atmosphere of those times, going through the most important historical moments. Here come to life pictures of the past, a long-standing event opened with an unknown part.

To understand the story, get tremendous knowledge, which does not give any magazine, you must personally visit St. Petersburg. Nice atmosphere, numerous excursions, comfortable accommodation, invites tourists to visit the world's historical and cultural center.

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