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Sochi is a favorite resort town for Russians

Sochi is a very popular Russian resort. After you have spent here the Winter Olympics, the city became world famous, and the flow of tourists visiting the resort has increased several times.

The history of the city

The city of Sochi was founded in 1838 as a military settlement, but for a long time it remained a small village. But in the early twentieth century, Sochi has been actively developed, but in connection with the October revolution the building was suspended. Here we had bloody battles during the Civil war.

After the end of hostilities here began to open the first holiday home. In 1921 here hosted more than 4,000 people. The status of the resort of Sochi has been since 26.05.1925.

In 1933 approved a new General plan of the city, and Sochi began to acquire its modern appearance. Here opened scientific and cultural institutions.
With the beginning of the great Patriotic war all the rest homes and sanatoriums were turned into hospitals. During the war there was put on foot more than half a million soldiers and officers.

After the war the town began to develop further. There was built a railway and marine stations, which have become hallmarks of the city.

In the 90 years the city received a Federal status. In 2014, the city became the capital of the Winter Olympic Games. Preparation was thorough, all major public areas were completely renovated.


The city has many parks and museums; there is a very beautiful promenade which is the center of the evening and night life. Tourists should also visit the Summer theatre, nature Museum, arboretum, aquarium.

Quiet moments can be enjoyed in the Komsomol and Pocelujevka the Park. All along the paths there are benches where to rest and watch the frolicking squirrels.

Unusual photo by modern monuments, for example, near the Golden Fleece or the Horse's coat.

Outside the city there are many natural monuments, the main of which is the Sochi national Park and mount Akhun.

Favorite places of the locals

Locals often visit the Park "Riviera". But if it had been a quiet, green area, now here installed rides, and the Park became a recreation area for the whole family.

To have a rest from city vanity in the arboretum, which, thanks to the evergreens looks dressy even in winter.

Sochi after the Olympics have changed and for the better. Infrastructure has become more sophisticated and comfortable for the people. Appeared stadiums and skate parks, the sidewalks are paved with neat tiles.

So, Sochi is a modern resort city in Russia, where everyone will find something for everyone! Come here and enjoy a rich holiday that will give you this city!

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