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Events and celebrations

City Day City Day
Private holiday for each city.
New Year New Year
New year - a favourite holiday of Russians.
Christmas Christmas
Orthodox Christmas in Russia.
February 23 February 23
Defender of the Fatherland Day
Maslenitsa Maslenitsa
Maslenitsa - the whole week of festivities.
May 1 May 1
May, 1st is a holiday of Labor and Spring.
May 9 May 9
Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.
Day of Family, Love and Fidelity Day of Family, Love and Fidelity
July 8 - the day Peter and Fevronia.

Russian culture is known for its atmospheric holidays. There is no more other country whose traditions are full of such a variety and warmth of the celebrations. What is interesting about Russian holidays and why do they reveal the romanticism of the Russian soul?

Russians like to celebrate New year and Christmas at home with family. The must have attribute is the Christmas tree that is decorated with toys and is put in the house. There is nothing more fabulous than a big Christmas tree, as in the center of Saint-Petersburg as in Moscow. When the clock strikes midnight, magic happens and it starts glowing with fairy lights. Another Christmas miracle is the fireworks and the trees which are decorated with garlands and lit with bright light. On New Year's Eve all children wait for the arrival of Santa Claus who brings gifts, and the parents set the table with tangerines, champagne and the salad Olivier. It is noteworthy that at midnight you can make a wish under the striking clock. They say it will come true in the coming year.

There is a special day for those in love. In Russia it is called St-Valentine's Day and it is celebrated on February 14. On this day lovers give each other paper hearts and balloons, send Chinese lanterns to the sky. On February 14 street musicians sing love lyrics, and all cafes are booked for the evening for romantic dinners.

May 9 is the day dedicated to the victory in the great Patriotic War. Russians love this holiday, this day you will see tears and pride in the eyes of children and veterans. Arriving in Russia on May 9, no matter in Moscow or in Sochi, you'll be able to visit excursions and lectures on World War II, as well as to see the attitude of citizens to this historic event at the concerts of memory.

On Shrove Tuesday (Maslenitsa) it is customary to make a fire, and dance around it. All people bake pancakes, arrange the fairs. There is no better reason to try Russian traditional food than to come to Russia on Shrove Tuesday.

No matter on what holiday you will arrive: the City Day, May 1, Christmas or Easter, in any case, it is the best opportunity to meet incredible Russian culture and width of the Russian soul. And meanwhile we are welcoming you!

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