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May 9

9th of May is the Victory Day in Russia.

In this celebration all Russians admire and remember war heroes. The Red Army took Berlin on 2 May. A May 9, 1945 was signed the act of unconditional surrender of the German forces. This day, by order of Stalin, became a public holiday, a symbol of victory and still celebrated nowadays.

Every year on May 9th in Moscow on Red Square held a military parade, which showcases the most powerful Russian military equipment, unity of Russian troops on the parade ground and symbolizes gratitude to veterans for the victory. Parade with delight watching the whole country who, while in Moscow, who on TV.Every year on this day, Russian President congratulates veterans, many charities bring them their presents. Every year, these heroes who bravely fought for their country, becoming less. Realizing this inescapable fact, the Russians are in awe to veterans.

Traditionally on this day the majority of people are St. George ribbon on the chest. It is a sign of respect.

Another interesting tradition is a charity event, which takes us into the field. Large cauldrons with free cereal field can be found in any area. People immersed in the atmosphere of those times, the soldiers eat a meal cooked outdoors no matter what city you are in Russia, all united by the spirit of victory.

One of the new traditions of this holiday was the "Immortal regiment." In each city, the main streets of people are carrying portraits of their fathers and grandfathers who sweat and blood have won the victory.

This is a very important holiday for all Russians, arrived exactly on May holidays, you will certainly feel the special spirit of the Victory Day, which will leave the warmest memories of Russia.


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