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Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

Day of Family, Love and Fidelity - the day Peter and Fevronia.

Officially it is a young holiday which has gained the mass character in 2008. But at the same time it has an interesting historical origin. It is the Day of memory of Saints Pyotr and Fevroniya in Russian Orthodox Church.

The story of Peter and Fevronia.

In the "Story about Pyotr and Fevroniya Muromskikh" two national - poetic plots are united: the magic fairy tale about a fiery dragon and the tale about a wise maiden. The creator of the "Story" is Ermolai-Erazm, the contemporary of Ivan the Terrible, who has received an assignment from the Moscow metropolitan Makari to write about Pyotr and Fevroniya who were supposed to govern in Murom and died in 1228. The work has been written after Pyotr and Fevroniya's canonization on the Moscow church cathedral in 1547.

In the city of Murom the prince Pavel ruled. When he was out, a flying fiery dragon was coming to his wife for fornication. Other people treated it as prince Pavel. The princess admitted everything to her husband. He ordered his wife to inquire the dragon how death can come to it. The dragon has told the princess that his death will be "from Petrov of a shoulder, from Agrikov of a sword".

It happened as it was told. Pyotr - Pavel's brother - killed the Snake. Before death it accepted its appearance and sprinkled Pyotr with its blood from which Piotr has got sick with leprosy. The legend says that Pyotr saw in a dream that the daughter of a "trees-climber" (bortnik) who was extracting wild honey — called Fevroniya, a peasant from Laskovo town in the Ryazan earth, can cure him. As a payment for treatment Fevroniya wished that the prince married her after healing, the prince has pledged the word. But the girl was a commoner and the prince didn’t keep his promise. In her turn Fevroniya intentionally left one scab on a body of the prince because of what the illness renewed. So nevertheless he married the girl when she cured him again.

When Pyotr inherited reigning after his brother, boyars didn't want to have the princess the commoner and told him: "Release the wife who offends notable mistresses by heк origin, or leave Murom". The prince took Fevroniya, and they left Murom.

The fight for the throne began in the city. Then boyars have asked the prince and his wife to come back. The prince and the princess returned, and Fevroniya has managed to deserve further love of citizens.

In old age they accepted monastic vows in different monasteries and prayed God that they die in one day. They bequeathed to put both their bodies in one coffin and in advance they prepared a tomb from one stone with a thin partition. They have died in one day and hour.

The plot about Pyotr and Fevroniya was very popular in Russia and has gained further development both in literature, and in an iconography.

This day big celebrations take place in Russia. A special medal was found and it is handed to the strong families who serve as a bright embodiment of Love and Fidelity.

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