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Maslenitsa is a festive week dedicated to the imminent end of winter and spring meeting.

There’s just no understanding Russia.To feel Russia inside you must touch her traditions, see the bright holidays, plunge into the atmosphere of Russian everyday life and Russian festivals. Then we can understand a little this country, so alluring and mysterious. Russia is a country with a long history and, therefore, it has a lot of memorable dates and events. A holiday is like a date which has an important event.

And what is Maslenitsa in Russia?

Maslenitsa has its origins in the pagan tradition, when the Slavs were living according to the laws of nature. They revered to Mother Nature and worshiped the Sun God Jarilo. They knew that the crop depends from the Sun and that meant well-being. The purpose of an ancient tradition is to sendoff the winter and to meet spring. To make kinderthis fearsome God people baked pancakes, symbolizing the sun and generously greased them with butter.Hence the name Maslenitsa(from the word butter). The attributes of a holiday are songs, games and embellished straw man.The sun was to see that people were happy with the coming of spring and ready for a new agricultural year.On the last day of celebrations they sang songs,danced and burnt the straw man .Thus people symbolically said goodbye to winter.

With the advent of Christianity, the feast has kept its basic elements, but gained slightly different meaning.Maslenitsaor Cheesefare Week which ends with Forgiveness Sunday is the last week before Lent.

Holidays in Russia cannot be described, they must be seen firsthand - to listen to Maslenitsasongs, take part in folk games and amusements, eat pancakes, see the ritual burning of a straw man and touch the Russian traditions that are transmitted from generation to generation more than a thousand years.

That is why this festival is worth seeing. Feel it and better visit Russia on Maslenitsa.What can be brighter and more colourful thanMaslenitsa in Suzdal, Kostroma and Yaroslavl? Theseancient Russian cities with lots of history keep centuries-old traditions. Come and see.

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